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What is Samanta ?

Samanta is your on demand, live interpreter Available 24/7 on Video call

Samanta is the only app you need to enhance your communication and be understood in any language. Samanta platform offers a fast and easy solution to search, book and hire interpreters, available 24/7 in any geographical location and in any language.

In a click you can easily find highly qualified and experienced medical, legal, business interpreters available right now, or find somebody for informal interpreting providing language support when you need it the most

Find an interpreter now and     Start a video call.

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How to start using our service and hire an interpreter in less than 2 minutes

Get Quality, Convenience and Value and open new opportunities through effective communication in any language, anywhere and anytime.

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Choose from the available interpreters online, check their level of experience and qualifications

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If the interpreter is free, they will accept the call and the interpreter will be online waiting for your call, just press call.

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choose an interpreter and book them for another time. We will send you and the interpreter a gentle reminder before the booked time, to make sure you are both ready for the call.

Start a video call

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Review the interpreter

At the end of the call, please give us your feedback about the interpreter and the service

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Before you start a call make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet. You can easily add funds by pressing Add Funds

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At the end of the call, please give us your feedback about the interpreter and the service

Why Samanta ?

By replacing the traditional in-person or over-the-phone interpreting to Samanta, will not only decrease the costs and time to hire an interpreter but by allowing you to choose, select and video call the best interpreter for your needs, you will be able to provide high-quality service through effective communication
Legal services

Law firms handle various types of legal matters every day. It could be about law enforcement or court proceedings, corporate contracts, real estate settlements and other legal matters. With the increasing number of immigrants all over the world, the possibility of having non-local language-speaking clients is high. In the field of law, proper and precise communication is crucial. Thus, when interviewing or meeting with clients who have limited language proficiency, there should be an interpreter to facilitate communication. A professional and qualified legal interpreter understands the law, culture and language of the country where the foreigner is in and where he or she came from. The legal interpreter fully understands the code of ethics to ensure that they perform professionally and objectively, without showing any bias.
To ensure effective communication – contact us

Refugee support

Government / Immigration /humanitarian and refugee support – Stop language discrimination!
Equal access to government services regardless of language ability is critical to a healthy and safe community.
For individuals travelling or immigrating, Samanta will assist with any cultural nuances and will help with community integration.

Samanta, will help businesses to take advantage of opportunities, overcome trade barriers and improve global business relations by facilitating communications. We will add another edge of quality services to your customer experience, by enabling your frontline team with tools to help them communicate effectively, meet very specific customer needs and also give your customers a new tool they can use throughout their journey.  
It is the human right of each patient to be understood. Using an interpreter for consultations will increase patient safety and satisfaction, improves adherence and outcomes and reduces adverse events, thus limiting malpractice risks. With Samanta you will be able to find an interpreter in any case of emergency and safely plan consultations and procedures with the peace of mind that the patient will be heard and understood.

Samanta for your Business

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a big corporation just download the Samanta app available on Goggle play and Apple store. Register, add your staff members to your account and you are ready to start. It’s that simple!

Select from hundreds of quality interpreters with different qualifications and levels of experience, available to hire on-demand or chose the advance appointment scheduling.


Do you want to hire an interpreter, email us:


Call us: at +35385 8706228 or leave us a message and we will get back to you soon

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Samanta, can generate fast income, payment available after each completed job

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List your certifications, your qualifications and your experience

Now you are ready to start

If you can’t find the language or dialect you are speaking, contact customer service for assistance.

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About Us

Samanta was founded in 2020 by Philipa Kelly in the republic of Ireland.

With over a decade of experience in the interpreting industry, Hungarian by background, Philipa speaks fluently English, Hungarian, Romanian and basic Spanish and French.
With extensive experience in Justice and Law enforcement, Philipa has worked in Courts Service Ireland, Government Bodies, An Garda Siochana, Probation Services and all related areas like healthcare, social care, humanitarian and refugee support.

Why is Samanta the best ?

Samanta replaces the traditional in-person or over the phone interpreting by allowing you to choose, select and video call the best interpreter for your needs. Samanta will not only decrease the costs and time it takes to hire an interpreter, but will provide you with a high-quality, on-demand service through effective communication.

Video Call- integrated in the app

Sign language, body language and sensitive emotions, can all be interpreted through video call.


Clients can directly review the interpreters and services.


Available 24/7 with no geographical borders. Interpreters are ready to take your call now.

Fast end efficient

In-app search, book, hire, pay and video call .


Confidential service and non-bias approach. Each interpreter is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and they are prepared for the sensitive nature of their role.


Samanta has a vast selection of interpreters in each language. You can select the right interpreter for your needs by searching their qualifications and experiences.

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On demand, live interpreters: 

Any language, any time, any place. Available 24/7

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